Magical Library: What is your first memory of being read to/reading on your own/ or books in general?

Kira: Growing up, I remember my Mom reading to me every evening before bed while we sat in the recliner. Reading was and is important to my Mom, so growing up I had a small library in my room and would sit on the floor flipping through pages. Once I became a teacher I would read as many books as possible to my students.

ML: When do you feel is the best age to start reading to children and why is it important?

I feel it’s important to begin the reading journey with your child while they are in the womb. They begin to hear your voice which stimulates emotions. Once the baby arrives reading to them a bit is important for their brain. It teaches them about communication, introduces concepts such as numbers, letters, colors, and shapes in a fun way, builds listening, memory and vocabulary skills.

ML:  What was your experience of reading to children whether they were your own children or in a group setting?

My first experience of reading to children was in a group setting. I was nervous. Over the years I have learned skills in which to engage children. Changing the inflection of my voice, making faces that go along with the story, and including the children in the book have helped and enhanced my reading experience.

ML: What is a sure fire trick that you found to get your kids engaged or involved in reading time?

One sure fire trick that has helped to involve children during reading time is including them in the story. Stopping, asking questions, and allowing them to become a part of the story also.

ML:  What is your favorite children's book?

Goodnight Book by Margaret Wise Brown


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