Magnificent Revelations

If you could be any magical creature what would you be?

Shirley Scott

Mom/Educator/General Education/Human Advocate/Creative Writer

If I could be any magical creature, I would be Sasquatch because people won’t give up looking for it. I would be larger than life, but no one would be able to capture me on cameras or confine me in a zoo.

Jessica Meza

E Learning Mom/Special Needs Advocate

I would definitely want to be a unicorn ! I would love to fly and fly on rainbows! 

Kira Ludwig


I would be a unicorn. I would love the ability to grant a wish for those who needed it.


Mom/Home Cook Extraordinaire

A free house elf.  I would have the power to Apperate/Disapperate from Hogwarts, cook for Dumblebore, and perform other magic!


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