Day 5: Friday

Books About Imaginary Friends

Written by: Snow

I have a bit of experience with “alternatively substanced” friends.  My youngest had a friend who he was quick to clarify was “invisible” NOT imaginary”. His name was Rolo, and he lived on the wide front steps of the local rectory and had QUITE the extended family (I stopped counting after 12).  While it sounds complicated, it was a huge improvement over the friend my first child had, Daisy Duck, who was neither imaginary or invisible, but “dead”.  But I’ll save that story for another time.  Having never had one myself, I was eager to encourage my children's creativity.  Here are some of our favorite reads around Imaginary friends.

1. Jessica by Kevin Henkes: Rosie is an only child on the precipice of starting school.  Jessica is there with her for all her adventures, except that Rosies parents say there is no Jessica.  Rosie is not daunted at all, and actually vindicated when she goes to school, and makes a friend named - of course-Jessica! 

2.Ted by Tony DiTerlizzi: When Dad is always busy and you have no one to play with, what better then to engage in some (sometimes messy) shenanigans with a flop eared pal named Ted? Despite the fact  Dad keeps insisting Ted doesn't exist, there is a surprise reunion at the end.  

3. Sector 7 by David Weisner: Can a cloud be a pal? Well, he is in this wonderful wordless story by David Weisner. With his impeccable illustrations, Weisner tells the story of a boy on a field trip to the Empire State Building who gets lost in a friendly fog, and transported to the cloud factory. This book will have you mesmerized time after time.  

4. Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Waterston: When I was a child reading Calvin and Hobbes I would think “Wow! His parents let him have a pet tiger!?!” That was how much of a concrete thinker I was.  I love Calvin for his tenacity, his creativity and his attitude.  But I did wait until my son was about 10 before I introduced him to the books, any earlier and you run the risk of creating your own little Calvin… and I don’t know how many of us want that!!


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