Time to Rhyme

Rhyming is not only fun, but it is also a part of part of phonological awareness. Here are some rhyming reads to share to support your child's reading needs!

The Snatchabook- Who's stealing all the stories?

Helen Docherty & Thomas Docherty

Come and visit Burrow Down, a book loving community, where bedtime stories are read every night. Every night until books start going missing! This is a fun, kid friendly “who done it” with a magical twist. The rhyming language helps to move the story along without becoming a tongue twister.  Helen and Thomas Docherty tell a fun story with a great lesson about forgiveness, bravery and doing the right thing.

Tips for success: This book can be used as a bedtime or nap time story.

There are a lot of amazing illustrations in this book. If you are reading one on one or with a small group let your little ones explore the pictures and tell you what they see.

The Circus Ship

Chris Van Dusen

This beautifully illustrated and rhyming picture book was inspired by a real life event!  I can say from personal experience that it is a great read and always popular. This has been a classroom favorite for years! After a boat accident, the circus animals find their way to a small town off the coast of Maine. As you can imagine, the townspeople were shocked and a bit scared.  Then again, wouldn’t you be if there was a tiger exploring your tulip garden? Hilarity, compassion and friendship ensues. 

Tips for success: If your kids are a bit older, let them guess what the next rhyming words will be in the story.

Spoiler! There is a part of the story where the animals hide. Take time to find all of the animals. Believe it or not, your children may want to find the animals every time you read the books.


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