Mythical & Not So Mythical Animals

Who hasn't dreamed of riding a pegasus, swimming along side dolphins, or making friends with all the animals in the rainforest? Here are some of our favorite books featuring animals.

Diary of a Wombat

Jackie French & Bruce Whatley

Fair warning, this book may cause your children and yourself to want a wombat.  This adorable and hilarious picture by, written by Jackie French and illustrated by Bruce Whatley, will have you giggling!  Meet Wombat, who has a daily schedule that is interrupted when they meet their new neighbors. The neighbors are human and have things Wombat has never seen. Hilarity ensues! 

Tips for success: Have fun and laugh! Feel free to also check out the other books in the Wombat series!

Giraffes Can't Dance 

Giles Andreae & Guy Parker-Rees

This story is a classroom favorite that touches my heart!  In this story you meet Gerald, a good hearted, somewhat clumsy giraffe. At the annual Jungle Dance the other animals make fun of Gerald before he even begins his dance. Join Gerald as he learns how to embrace what makes him special! Giraffes Can’t Dance offers a great example of how to believe in yourself and how dancing to your own rhythm is a fabulous thing!

Tips for success: This book can be a great way to have your little ones get their wiggles out. Give them the chance to show you their favorite moves!

This story is a great time to remind your little ones of how amazing they are and the importance of believing in themselves along with being kind to others. Do not shy away from how the characters picked on Gerald. Use it as a chance to discuss how they could have helped encourage Gerald.

If I Had a Gryphon

Vikki Vansickle & Cale Atkison

If I Had A Gryphon is the perfect book to introduce mythical creatures to your little one. If you like far away lands and magical beings you will love this story!  Follow along as the main character contemplates the pros and cons of having a magical pet such as a unicorn, hippogriff, of course a gryphon and others.

Tips for success: Ask your little ones open ended questions (questions they can’t answer with a yes or no) when going through the mythical creatures. Example: Where would you go if you had a pet that could fly?

The Great Fuzz Frenzy

Janet Stevens & Susan Stevens Crummel

If you love reading aloud, this is the book for you! A round object covered in fuzz falls down a tunnel and lands right in the middle of a prairie dog community. This picture book has a little bit of everything. Drama, hilarity, character arches, and an important life lesson. The characters and playful wording make this a fun read.  The detailed illustrations make readers feel like they are down underground along with the prairie dogs. You won’t regret picking this one off the shelf!

Tips for success: This book can be a bit long for some audiences. To help everyone stay engaged create character voices and sound effects.  Make your voice match the pace of the story. For example, if characters are moving around quickly, read in a rushed tone.


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