Lets Get Loud & Move Around!

In the words of J. Lo, "Let's get loud"! Okay, okay. Maybe not loud but lets at least warm up our vocal chords and move our bodies with these interactive stories!

Wendell the Narwhal

Emily Dove

As you can tell this is a much loved and read book! It is beautifully illustrated and written. Wendell is a little Narwhal who wants nothing more than to make beautiful music. Join him under the sea is he goes on a musical journey of self discovery!

Tips for Success: As you meet new characters do and remember their sound effects with your little ones. It will make for a super fun finale!

Sometimes I Like to Curl Up In A Ball

Vicki Churchill & Charles Fuge

This amazing picture book is not only a short and easy read, but it also gives the audience an opportunity to move around in creative ways. The illustrations are also adorable! The main character is super snuggable!

Tips for success: Move around with your little ones!  If you're participating and having fun chances are they will stay fully engaged.

Warning! There is a part of the story that encourages shouting. Think about your current location. If your neighbors won't appreciate yelling kiddos modify the story or get creative. Example: Can you whisper yell?

Count the Monkeys

Mac Barnett & Kevin Cornell

Now this book is a wild adventure! Head out on a journey to count the monkeys. You won't regret it, even when you run into cobras, bee keepers, and bears! Oh my! This story is great for children who need to move around and get the wiggles out.

Tips for success: Don't be afraid to look or sound silly. Being silly is part of the fun!

If you have access to an animal puppet make them your guide as you trek through the jungle.


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