Fire Up the Imagination

Children are creative! Encourage that creativity by reading some of these stories and taking part in the adventure!

The Advetures of Beekle: The Unimaginary Friends

Dan Santat

This heartwarming story follows Beekle as he goes on a fantastic journey to the “real” world to find his best friend.  This story written and illustrated by Dan Santat is a fun read for adults and children. It allows audiences to see our world in a different perspective.  Not to give away spoilers, but it also has a really cute ending!

Tips for success: This book has amazing illustrations. Ask children what they see in the pictures.

After the story, ask your little ones what they think their imaginary friend would look like.  There are some illustrations before and after the story that may help jump start the creativity.

Sophie Johnson, Unicorn Expert

Morag Hood & Ella Okstad

Sophie loves unicorns and in turn knows everything about them. She shares her knowledge about unicorns with everyone and anyone.  However, Sophie gets so wrapped up she does not notice when a real unicorn wanders into her house. This is a cute and funny store with a lesson hidden in the background.

Tips for success: Let your child interrupt. This is a short and easy to read story. Let your little one ask questions and make observations.

There are moments that may not be funny to children, but funny to adults. Go ahead and laugh! If you are having fun chances are your little one will too!

Snowmen All Year

Caralyn Buehner & Mark Buehner

This sequel to “Snowmen at Christmas” by Caralyn Buehner & Mark Buehner ponders what experiences would a snow person have if they did not melt and could see the seasons. The book explores different holidays and seasons through beautiful illustrations.  It is a great story for calming down your little one.

Tips for success: Ask your little ones if they have had similar experiences or what their favorite activities are throughout the year.

Even Monsters Need Haircuts

Matthew McElligott

This book may not be a good fit for everyone. The concept of monsters can be a little intense for little ones.  That being said, this is a funny story that takes place at your average barber shop. The only difference is the barber is a little kid, the customers are mythical figures and creatures, oh and the barber shop is only open in the evening. 

Tips for success: If your little one is on the fence or unsure about monsters use the book as a why to show them the funny side of creatures and take away the stigma of “monsters”. 

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