Fantastic Feelings

Emotions can be a hard thing to explain for adults. Now imagine being new to the world and having a limited vocabulary. Help your littles identify their feelings and give them the tools to express those feelings with some of these awesome titles!
Tip for Success: when reading stories about social-emotional awareness make sure to validate children's feelings. This is an important part of their development.

Be Who You Are

Todd Parr

The New York Times Best Selling author Todd Parr has created a brightly colored, easy to read book that takes on big themes such as individuality and acceptance. This amazing picture book teaches children not only the importance of being themselves, but also embracing the things that make them different. Children are encouraged to do what they like, share their feelings and to try new things!

Tips for success: Ask questions! Whether you are reading to your own child or a class full of children ask their opinion. For example, when the book says be proud of where you're from, ask the children where they are from. Remember, there are no wrong answers. 

The Way I Feel

Janan Cain

The Way I Feel written and illustrated by Janan Cain covers 12 different feelings. Each feeling comes with a description and an illustration that depicts the feelings perfectly. Some of the emotions discussed in the book include shy, jealous and disappointed which can be difficult for children to understand. Don't worry, the book also covers feelings like thankful and proud!

Tips for success: Let the littles tell you about a time they felt a particular emotion, but do not do it for every emotion in the story. You may lose their interest. Pick a couple of feelings to discuss each time you read the story. If you are reading one on one or with a small group let the children choose which emotion or feeling they would like to discuss.


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