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The Magical Library Forum Code of Conduct 

The Magical Library forums is a space for our members to discuss their favorite books, book recommendations, reading tips and tricks, additional forum topics and to provide us with feedback.

To do this successfully, we ask that all members of the forums follow a set of guidelines referred to as The Magical Library Forum Code of Conduct (CoC).

Please remember that your fellow members should always be treated with respect, without exception. This does not mean everyone will always agree and that is okay. The Magical Library is founded on the concept of inclusion and diversity and that everyone is entitled to their opinion as long as it is shared in a respectful way.

Discrimination and Slurs based on Race, Ethnicity, Sexuality, Gender or Gender Identity

We want the The Magical Library forums to be a welcoming place for everyone, this means that discriminatory slurs both clear and masked in words or images are not appropriate and are prohibited.


Members of our forums should feel safe to express their thoughts and opinions about and to do so without fear or intimidation. To this end, any threat of physical harm toward another forum user will not be tolerated.

Harassing or Defamatory Content

For the same reason, harassing, bullying or defamatory content will also not be tolerated. Throwing around insults or targeting individuals or groups with malice has a negative effect on everyone’s experience. Harassment takes many forms, if forum administrators believe that there is an intent to bully other forum users or make them feel uncomfortable in this environment, action will be taken.

Obscene / Vulgar or Inappropriate Language and/or Images

Some people are comfortable with colorful language and images while others are not. We ask that our forum members remember to treat each other with courtesy and respect. Please keep in mind that not everyone has the same expectations when it comes to what is acceptable.

Spamming, Trolling, or Topic Bumping

These forums exist as a resource for The Magical Library community to discuss literature based topics.  Please refrain from using the forums to promote businesses or events.

Respecting the forum environment.

Circumventing a Suspension / Ban

To maintain the environment of the forums, it’s absolutely necessary that the moderators can do their jobs effectively. To facilitate this, any discussion of disciplinary action or moderation is not allowed, and circumventing suspensions by posting on another account or having another user post on your behalf is prohibited. 

In addition, abusing the report feature makes it more difficult for moderators to maintain the environment of the forums and as such will result in disciplinary action.

Distribution of Real-Life Personal Information

The Magical Library forums are a place for the discussion of literacy topics that are posted by forum moderators.  We discourage members from posting personal information including home addresses and phone numbers in the forums.

Illegal Activities

The Magical Library forums are not a place for discussing illegal activity, and you may not violate any local, state, national or international laws or regulations. Suspicion of illegal activities will be reported to the appropriate agencies.


The Magical Library forums are not to be used for advertising non-related businesses, organizations, or websites.

Small print

The The Magical Library forums are a private message forum administered by The Magical Library. The Magical Library reserves the right to edit or remove any message board post or other content at will without notice for any reason. Posting privileges are provided as a courtesy that can be rescinded at any time, at our sole discretion. By using the forums, you agree that The Magical Library has a royalty-free, worldwide license to your posted text, graphics or other content for its business purposes.

You must have an active membership to post on the The Magical Library forums. You are responsible for adhering to not only the forum rules of conduct but also the Terms of Use. The Magical Library reserves the right to suspend your access to these forums at any time for reasons that include, but are not limited to, your failure to abide by this Code of Conduct.

The Magical Library reserves the right to evaluate each incident on a case by case basis, and have full discretion when addressing any behavior that we determine is inappropriate. Any finalized decision may be based on the offending members full history on the Magical Library forums. Should you wish to discuss any disciplinary measures against your account or report a violation, you can email us at

Thank you for your time

Thank you for taking the time to read our Code of Conduct! The Magical Library forums should always be treated as environments where everyone can feel comfortable. This CoC is intended to be a set of guidelines that help create and maintain a happy inclusive community, not a definitive list of every eventuality we may need to take action on.

If you are unsure how these guidelines may affect you, please email any questions to:


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